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Win More Clients, Keep Clients Longer, and Build a Highly Profitable Agency

With The Agency Growth Book You’ll Get Detailed, in the trenches advice to help you:

Increase agency revenue AND profits with a scalable acquisition engine

Nail your product offering to attract more long term, high ticket clients

Get the inside scoop on agency operations and where you can improve

How to structure your teams and actually run your agency instead of it running you

Planning for your agency’s exit (even if you aren’t planning on selling…yet…)

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What You’ll Learn

Chapter 1
Excelling At New Business Acquisition

These experts will cover the modern buyer’s journey to help you meet your prospects where they are to generate more high quality leads. You’ll learn how to build a scalable and repeatable lead generating system that feeds your agency’s growth engine. 

Specific Topics Covered

  • Understanding The Modern Buyer’s Journey - Christian Banach 
  • How To Handle The Top 5 Agency Sales Objections - Jason Swenk 
  • How To Win New Business By Playing To Your Strengths - Jody Sutter 
  • Lead Generation - Lee Goff 
  • How To Use Agency Directories To Generate More Leads? - DAN

Chapter 2
Creating New Products And Services

No agency can scale if it only offers a single service. In this chapter you’ll learn exactly how to bundle your current services and how to add some new ones…even if you aren’t an expert. 

Specific Topics Covered

  • How To Blend PPC And SEO For Your Clients - Adzooma 

  • Product Bundling, Your Agency’s Key To Scaling Revenue - Vendasta

  • How To Grow Your Agency Revenue By Adding PPC Services - InvisiblePPC

Chapter 3
Attaining Operational Excellence

This chapter will help you to focus on new initiatives while leaving behind all your money worries - it's achievable without much hassle. Resolving the financial crises, moving towards profit, strategic investment and coming out of recession.

Specific Topics Covered

  • How Do Agencies Make Money? - Marcel Petitpas

  • It’s Time To Flip The Script On Cash Flow! - Momentum Accounting

  • How PMs Spin Risk Into Gold - Rachel Gertz Retainer Types - Rachel Jacobs

  • How To Come Out of The Recession On Top - Robert Craven

Chapter 4
Efficiency Through Technology

Learn how to grow seamlessly, maximize effectiveness, exceed client expectations and get even happier clients with automation and without any hassle. 

Specific Topics Covered

  • Marketing Automation As Infrastructure For Agencies - ActiveDEMAND

  • Are Robots Eating Your Lunch? - Unbounce How To Recession-proof Your Agency With A Website Builder - Duda

Chapter 5
Leadership And Teams

This chapter deals with conscious leadership so that your business and growth translates into ideal partnerships, healthy culture and sustainable revenue growth.

Specific Topics Covered

  • Work Backwards To Spring Forward - Karl Sakas 

  • Conscious Leadership For Agency Leaders - Kelly Campbell

  • Coaching Skills YOU Can Use In Your Digital Agency - Chris Simmance

  • Happy Clients Aren’t Your Job… - Tim Kilroy 3 C’s To Agency Owner Success - Chris Bantock

Chapter 6
Business Planning Until Your EXIT

This is a must read for EVERY agency, yes even the brand new agencies who have never thought about an exit. Building your business’ roadmap is critical and will guarantee you have a better valuation than the businesses who stayed too focused on the day-to-day. 

Specific Topics Covered

  • Plotting Your Agency’s Journey - Rob Da Costa

  • The One-Page Agency Business Plan - Peter Levitan

  • 6 Tips To Consider Before You Sell Your Agency - Clodagh Higgins

  • I’m An Agency Owner Get Me Out Of Here! - Jonathan Leafe

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